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Everybody dreams of making major changes in life. Whether its losing 30 lbs and keeping it off, taking a dream European vacation, building a successful business, getting out of debt, finding the right partner, or getting closer to God, we all want … Continue reading

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WELCOME…Here is Rick’s story of true events. Sit back and enjoy. The Audio Book is about 10 mins per section. (just click each link below) The_Fright-1 Intro & Early Years Stuff (skip ahead if you like) The_Fright-2 Getting to LA The_Fright-3 The Witch Dance The_Fright-4 A Life … Continue reading

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After more than two decades away from the time I spent recording background music in LA music scene, I composed a new piece of instrumental music. Caught a fresh wind I guess. It’s really a test that I used to … Continue reading

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