One Big Fat Secret to Accomplishing A Goal You Really Want

Everybody dreams of making major changes in life. Whether its losing 30 lbs and keeping it off, taking a dream European vacation, building a successful business, getting out of debt, finding the right partner, or getting closer to God, we all want major improvement. (What’s yours?)


So if we all want major change, how come so few actually experience one?

Well the answer is that it’s hard. But not impossible…

Most people give up when it’s hard and retreat back to where life is more comfortable. It’s that simple.

What I Learned So Far Through My Personal Experiment

As some of you know, thirty days ago I began an experiment. I went from being a hardcore American diet kinda person to pure vegetarian for 45 days. People laughed, scoffed, questioned, and some applauded. I didn’t know whether I could do it. And to boot, I’ve had a host of health issues going on for years ranging from annoying allergies to emergency room visits and surgery, that make this change even that much harder to do.

Could someone like me find my way through the limits?

The funny thing is, now virtually everywhere I go people are telling me I look really healthy. I’m on the road to feeling much better. One small step at a time. Yet the change is massive, literally. (If you’re really interested in my specific results part check back on day 45.) Along the way, dozens of people contacted me that they wanted to join in. How many do you think are still with me?

Just a few.

The Secret

Let me give you a secret that I also briefly wrote about in my book. This key is incredibly powerful and it’s helped me soldier on through this amazing and difficult time. This one word is crucial to creating lasting major change in your life.

One word. That makes all the difference…


Before you begin a massive change YOU DON’T YET HAVE ANY OF THIS PRECIOUS STUFF. That’s ok. Nobody does at first. You just need to understand that when you begin, you lack this, and you’ll need it. You’ll need to look for it. You CAN NOT stop before you find it! And when you find some pounce on it and don’t let go!!!

When I started the headaches were awful and I felt terrible. I was confused at the store since I don’t know much about the veggie section or choosing healthy foods. I would meander in the isles and look at labels, going around in circles. When I tried to walk first thing in the morning to “jumpstart” my metabolism – oh boy – I felt like it was three in the morning. Day after day I hung in there believing that one day things would get better.

How could I possibly proceed denying myself the foods I had grown up on? Was it even right to not eat frozen yogurt with the kids to celebrate every small achievement?! (With 4 kids you can imagine how many achievements there are to celebrate.) And what about vacation, and eating out and what people think and, and, and, AND…

Surely this was another silly yo-yo diet.

A Funny Thing Happened

Then a funny thing happened. But first a little perspective… I have worked independently as a business growth consultant for many years. One of the benefits I have come to enjoy is being able to do things at times when others can’t. You see, for me there doesn’t have to be a crowd at the mall if I need to grab a present because I can go at 11 am if I want. I can go to lunch at 10 am and watch the World Cup at 2. I can meet friends for lunch without feeling pressed and go out of town on a Monday.

And so it is with being a vegetarian. If a funny sort of way, as a vegetarian you have to be creative about asking servers what’s possible in the kitchen. You have to look in the nooks and crannies to find what you’re looking for in many ways and places. But I discovered a peculiar thing. … It’s there, I just didn’t know how to see it before. I have come to realize that like going out of town on a Monday when everyone else has to work, being a vegetarian is a bit of an adventure.

As I began to think about the adventure side of this incredibly difficult task, like I said, a funny thing happened. I grabbed a little momentum. Once I pressed through those first few days of walking two miles before breakfast I began enjoying the fact that I was up before most people and feeling just a little better than I did. Once I overcame my coffee dependence and the headache from not having it, I began thinking about how much better my digestion could become.

Once I heard a little idea about how to approach living healthier from a great documentary called Hungry For Change, I grabbed a little more momentum. The idea was simple. Instead of thinking about “oh no I CAN’T have this and I CAN’T have that”, start thinking ” I CAN have this or that, but I don’t want it. And I really don’t!

So here is what I truly want you to get a hold of:

If you stay consistent long enough, in whatever goal you are heading toward, you will cross momentum somewhere along that path. Expect it. Wait for it. Recognize it. Seize it. Roll with it. 

Momentum can help take you through the valley to the other side.


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*republished with permission from Rick Hubbell

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