S. H. I. F. T. – The Bumbling Vegetarian Adventures of a Reluctant Carnivore, Pt. I – Escaping the System

Bumbling Vegetarian Adventures of A Reluctant Carnivore*photo courtesy of The Generous Garden, Greenville, SC


I am giving myself permission to hijack my own blog. Well not really. To some this surely appears off topic, but it’s really not. You see, quality of life is majorly impacted by quality of health. I should know, because behind the scenes mine has been a problem. Maybe yours has too. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still a fun family of six, involved in a lot and moving forward. But something is amiss! Sub par health hinders me and I know it hinders many of you. So I’m going to discuss how I’m taking it back! I’d love you to join me and you might find a key or two in here if you follow the series.

That’s entirely up to you.

You and I need to be in tune spiritually, mentally, emotionally, AND physically. No I’m not a doctor, health care practitioner, nutritionist and SURELY, DEFINITELY not a cook. So proceed at your own risk which is all yours. Right now I am in the third week of shifting to a completely Vegetarian lifestyle. I am evaluating if this shift can indeed restore my health – and, perhaps, yours too.

You’ll have to be patient with me because there are many things to write and I’m not starting at the beginning. But from the dozens of people already declaring health shifts (publicly & privately) in their own life as a result of what I have begun, I decided to blog on the off chance that it may save someone’s life and/or radically improve the quality of it. Even just one is fine by me. (Is that you, reading, friend? I’m with you!)


Today I felt a nudge to do a blog series about my Vegetarian Adventures and decided to call it: S. H. I. F. T. – The Bumbling Vegetarian Adventures of a Reluctant Carnivore. This is part I:

Escaping the System

Escape the system? What system? To really give this Vegetarian thing a go, I mean really SHIFT to Vegetarian, for me a highly committed meat eater, at some point, I have to escape the ‘system.’ Today that’s what I’m thinking about. Today that’s what I’m doing.

Why would a perfectly sane meat-eater attempt such a thing, even entertain the idea? In my circles, it’s kind of a crazy.

The system is my beliefs about health. The system is my emotional connection to wanting to celebrate everything centered around some type of food that is destructive to my health. “Awesome job on your grades kids – let’s get ice cream!” The system is how national industry affects what information I’ve been given that I base my everyday eating habits on.

The system and I have coexisted for decades. Why we’ve managed to expertly navigate our way through every birthday party, meal with friends, both the ups and downs of life, every vacation extravaganza, every buffet, every bag of Doritos and we’re still here! Sorta. Not on all cylinders if you know what I mean.

There is so much more HEALTH to be experienced and I want to have more energy to touch the world. Not the typical premature chronic breakdown that plagues so many people in our lives including me. It’s time to turn things around. So I have decided to do myself and my family a favor, and decided that the system and I need a day of reckoning. This system is not optimizing my health, so I am going to try a new one. I am putting the old system on notice that ‘you are no longer in charge!’ I am. I am moving toward health and so are certain others around me.

Climb aboard the veggie train if you dare!

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  • Michele Lewis

    What’s so great about what you are doing is that you are bringing so many others along with you! Imagine the impact! This is most certainly spiritual! Taking care of our earthly bodies is a mandate from God! We are created in His image, His likeness, so we are “…to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” Rom 12:1 Imagine, this “S.H.I.F.T” can actually be worship and offering to our creator! What better reason than that! Weight loss, improved health and vitality, better relationship, etc, they are all BONUS! Praise God! We are well on our way!