The Secret of the Tribe of Giant Slayers

There is a surprisingly determined, growing breed of Kindgom-minded Christians that God is raising up. It’s not just here or there, but many places. One such place, we call The Tribe of Giant Slayers. The funny thing is, if you are part of this group, something may even stir within you when you read its name.

If you were voted ‘most likely to succeed’, and every break has gone your way since birth, the Tribe probably isn’t for you. You see, the ranks of the Tribe are filled with unlikely heroes, just crazy enough to believe that God not only can, but will use ordinary Kingdom citizens to change the world. (Including you.)

It’s common for a Giant Slayer to feel a little uncomfortable, or out of place from time to time, with a deep longing for greater things. (Do you sometimes feel that way?) But a Giant Slayer realizes that ‘those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits’ (Dan 11:32), so they understand that the greatest actual strength comes from knowing Him. And that, they do. Therefore, great things are possible – even probable - for the Giant Slayer.

  • Giant Slayers are not afraid to face big challenges in the world. They don’t fear eloquent arguments, people in high places, the banding together of evil, or standing toe to toe with fiercely anti-Christians. They don’t fear being made to look silly because they love for God.
  • Giant Slayers are not afraid to get involved in solving problems of our day; stepping up to collaborate, using skill, talent and passion here on Earth.
  • Giant Slayers do not demonstrate faith mostly on Sundays, but mainly throughout the rest of the week.
  • Giant Slayers love people and honor them.
  • Giant Slayers don’t simply talk; they lead, they act, they show.
  • Giant Slayers are on Special Assignment from the King and devoted to His purpose.
  • Giant  Slayers are not afraid to think differently than others when there is good reason to do so.
  • Giant Slayers pursue God despite setbacks. They don’t quit on God-given dreams, themselves, or others.

So what is a Tribe of Giant Slayers?

It’s simply a collection of people walking with God, becoming increasingly bold in faith and action. Their individual acts of courage inspire each other, and they keep believing, moving toward toward seemingly impossible goals, drawn together by the common bond of Kingdom citizenship.

Are you crazy enough to keep attempting seemingly impossible things despite setbacks?
Fee free to share what you are attempting, according to what you believe is God’s leading.

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