The Fright: My Narrow Escape from Death, Hell & Demonic Powers – Rick Hubbell

WELCOME…Here is Rick’s story of true events. Sit back and enjoy. The Audio Book is about 10 mins per section. (just click each link below)

The_Fright-1 Intro & Early Years Stuff (skip ahead if you like)
The_Fright-2 Getting to LA
The_Fright-3 The Witch Dance
The_Fright-4 A Life Changing Errand
The_Fright-5 The Friend Who Wouldn’t Leave
The_Fright-6 Paralyzed by Evil
The_Fright-7 Back Inside My Body, Fear Remains
The_Fright-8 Possessed & Freed

(The music is original, copyrighted material written and performed by the author.)

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